A handwriting analysis is commonly referred to as a ‘portrait’, of which this is an example.

The writer is a man with an engaging modesty and gentleness. He is idealistic, with a principled approach to life which takes into account the feelings and wishes of others. Shrinking from confrontation, which he would see as uncivilised, his attitude to others is conciliatory and positive, and he would always prefer to handle a situation with finesse and humour.

This lack of aggression springs from a profound sensitivity which is alive to nuances of feeling and intention in others, making it unnecessary for him to go on the attack.

While this sensitivity enhances his responsiveness, it can also be debilitating at times, inhibiting the free flow of thought into action and engendering feelings of uncertainty and discouragement, as if, having started with high hopes he has come to feel the limitations imposed on him by his own nature.

His inner resources help him to rally his forces, which, together with a certain soncientious scrupulosity, fuel a quiet determination to overcome discouragement and complete to his own satisfation any task which he sets himself. In this he is aided by a lively intelligence and sound judgement which, by ensuring a good grasp of priorities, guide him in his actions.

Gifted with a supple mind, he has all the qualities of a good analyst : clarity of thinking and an ability to distance himself from the object.

An openness to a multiplicity of impressions enriches his thought processes and allows him to take a broad overview of a subject.

The writer is discreet in the exteriorisation of his feelings, a smile or a few words serving to express a world of feeling and reflection.

Never unsociable or standoffish, he has a natural sympathy for others, a generous appreciation of their value and a ready willingness to lend an ear if someone needs his help; yet at heart he is  perhaps happiest with his books, exploring ideas and concepts, tucked away in some corner “far from the madding crowd”.

The Portrait for this writer was taken from the Brtish Academy Journal, ‘Graphology’.